Town’s Stronger Enforcement of Parking Violations Proves Successful

Islip, NY -- Just seven months after enacting stricter penalties for individuals who repeatedly ignore parking tickets, the Islip Town Parking Violations Bureau has successfully closed more than 50% of opened cases, representing almost $355,000 in unpaid parking tickets. Much of that success is due to harsher enforcement, which includes installing a boot on the vehicle of a person or “scofflaw” that has received four or more parking violations and has failed to respond, appear at a scheduled hearing, or pay a fine, for at least 30 days. Islip is one of only a few municipalities in Suffolk County to use the boot method, and to date, has given the boot to eight vehicles, which has resulted in the collection $22,000.00, in overdue fines.


“I am extremely pleased with the results of our efforts to crackdown on repeat parking violators,” said Islip Town Councilman Steve Flotteron, who spearheaded the efforts for stronger enforcement. “Implementing the more stringent enforcement methods has been a tremendous success for the Town: it has helped to close a large number of opened cases, which in turn, has helped to generate revenue in delinquent fines. But most importantly, it has sent a strong message to individuals who park illegally, such as in handicapped stalls or fire zones, that breaking the law will not be tolerated, and that specially designated parking spaces exist for a reason.”

The recent changes are part of a larger effort to further enforce parking code violations, which was instituted in September 2012, with the Parking Violation Amnesty and Collection Initiative, when approximately 8,000 unpaid parking tickets were identified.

The Town’s Public Safety Division has also launched a new pilot program aimed at making the issuance of tickets more efficient and effective, in which Public Safety Officers can simply scan a vehicle’s registration information when issuing a parking violation on Town-owned or maintained property. The innovative system has already been successful in identifying approximately 450 parking infractions since its implementation in late June.

Besides the boot, repeat offenders can also have their vehicle towed if it is found in the public right of way, public property, or have a Default Judgment filed with Suffolk County, which could negatively impact credit ratings and other financial transactions. Town officials are committed to enforcing stronger enforcement methods, in an effort to close remaining outstanding parking violations cases.