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Effective January 1, 2017, the fee schedules for the Department of Planning & Development will change. For many years the fees have remained unchanged despite continually increasing expenses. The updated fee schedules are comparable to that of other Suffolk County municipalities. Some fees are increasing, while others remain the same or have been reduced. You can find the new fee schedule on each Division’s webpage.

Any application filed with the Planning Division that obtains Planning Board and/or Town Board required approvals, and files with Building or Engineering Divisions prior to April 1, 2017, the 2016 fee schedule will apply. Applications and plans submitted that are not substantively complete, the application will not be grandfathered under the 2016 fee schedule.


You Can Download The New Fee Schedule Here


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Building Division
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Islip, New York 11751
(631) 224-5466
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OFFICE HOURS: Front Counter
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Extended hours: Wednesday evenings until 7:00 p.m.    

The Building Division processes building permit, plumbing permit, Change of Use, Certificate of Compliance, and Certificate of Occupancy applications. The office is located at 1 Manitton Court, Islip, NY 11751 - directly behind Town Hall.


The Town of Islip is implementing a Compliance Incentive Program to allow projects that were previously completed without a permit to be brought into compliance. The program is aimed at protecting public health and safety by encouraging commercial property owners to complete the Town’s permit process.  The Town’s goal is to ensure that buildings are safe, habitable and in compliance with the New York State Building Code, as well as the Islip Town Code.  To encourage participation by local businesses, the Town is discounting its Certificate of Compliance fees for commercial properties by 40%.

In addition to ensuring that safety issues are addressed by legalizing their properties, the owners will have assurance that work completed will not void any insurance claims, and they will have the permits required by financial institutions for loans and refinancing.  Commercial property owners are encouraged to take advantage of this short-term Compliance Incentive Program as soon as possible.  The Town does not anticipate renewing this program after it ends.  

"This is a one-time program designed to remedy a serious public safety issue. I urge property owners to come forward and bring their buildings up to code," said Supervisor Angie Carpenter. "Our inspectors and Planning Department officials are eager to work with these local businesses and guide them through this process."

To be eligible for this temporary program, the unpermitted activity must have occurred prior to January 31, 2013 and a complete Certificate of Compliance permit filed with the Building Department by May 31, 2017.  If the Town grants a permit, the previously unpermitted structure must be brought into compliance within one year.  If a violation has been reported and an appearance ticket issued, property owners will no longer qualify for this program. Enforcement efforts will be increased once the Compliance Incentive Program officially ends.  

For more information, call the Islip Town Planning Department at (631) 224-5466. 


Click on one of the following links to download the form or application you need:

Form & ApplicationsDownload
Return completed forms to the Building Department

Accessory Structures

Additions, Detached Accessory Structure, Deck, Garage Conversions, Interior Alterations or Retaining Walls

Alterations and Accessory Structures Hand Drawn Plans

Addition or Alteration

Main Building Addition, Accessory Building Addition, Change of Use/Occupancy, Coal Stove, Decks, Demo, Interior Alteration, Finished Cellar, Fire Damage Repair, Fireplace (Free/Insert), Hot Tub, Solar Panels or Pool

Alterations and Accessory Structures Hand Drawn Plans

Building Permit

Compliance Permit Compliance Permit - Residential
Deck Deed Affidavit
Demolition Demolition
Electrical Certificates
Equine Permit
Field Change
Field Change Requirements

Finished Cellar - Residential

Finished Cellar Residential Requirements

Fireplaces - Inserts and Freestanding

Factory Manufactured Requirements

Plumbing/HVAC Permit

Garage Conversion

Alterations and Accessory Structures Hand Drawn Plans
Homeowner's Affidavit Homeowner's Affidavit (BP-1)
Home Occupation Home Occupation Requirements
Lawn Sprinklers

Lawn Sprinklers Requirements

Plumbing/HVAC Permit

Manufactured/Modular Home

Manufactured/Modular Home Requirements

Building Permit

Pods Pod Requirements

Pools and Hot tubs

In-Ground, Above-Ground and Alarms

 Pool - Above Ground Application

 Pool - In Ground Application 

Pool Alarm Requirements

 Pool, Hot Tub & Spa Safety Brochure

 Frequently Asked Questions

Prove It to Move It Program Prove It to Move It Program
Retaining Wall Retaining Wall Requirements
Signature Affidavit Signature Affidavit
Temporary Trailer Temporary Trailer Permit Application


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Commercial Forms & Applications 
Return completed forms to the Building Department
2010 NYS Building Code Evaluation Summary  
 2016 Commercial Energy Code Requirements  
Addition or Accessory
Building Permit Application
 Change of Use Requirements - Commercial   
 Compliance Permit Requirements - Commercial
 Compliance Permit Application  
 Elevator Requirements  
 Elevator Permit Application  
 High Rack Storage Questionnaire  
 Interior Alteration Requirements  
 New Commercial Building Permit  
 Solar Panel Permit Requirements - Commercial  


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