Civic-Minded Teen Recognized at Town Board Meeting

Shakira standing at the scene of the road work she helped inspire, leaning on a street sign

February 14th, 2019 – Supervisor Angie Carpenter and members of the Islip Town Board recognized Bay Shore High School student Shakira Thompson at the February Town Board meeting this week. Ms. Thompson was recognized for writing an eloquent letter that identified an area near Bay Shore High School which needed improvement. Town officials investigated the intersection of Perkal St. and Ross Ave. and determined that pedestrian and motorist visibility would be improved by cutting back vegetation and adding street lighting.

"Shakira's well-written and respectful letter caught the attention of our planning department staff. She identified a potential problem in her neighborhood and proposed a solution. This is a perfect example of the partnership between Town government and residents working together," said Supervisor Carpenter.

Town crews removed vegetation and installed street lighting along Perkal St. and Ross Ave., which further enhanced visibility and pedestrian safety.

Shakira and the Islip Town Board posing for a photo, having recognized her with an official certificate

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