Town Honors Lifeguards’ Heroism

October 26th, 2017 – Town Supervisor Angie Carpenter and members of the Islip Town Board recently recognized four Atlantique lifeguards for their heroism during a save at Atlantique on Labor Day.

Lifeguards Chris Delisle, Bryan Krut, Devin White and Ronald Croteau were honored by Islip Town officials at October’s Town Board meeting. The lifeguards’ training and instincts were quickly put into action when a kitesurfer, who was in distress and in jeopardy of drowning in the 8-12’ seas, began drifting westward in the Atlantic Ocean, entangled in his lines. The lifeguards quickly implemented a plan, which included dispatching lifeguard Chris Delisle into the rough seas, who swam to the kitesurfer, while a second lifeguard stayed ashore communicating the kitesurfer’s ever-changing whereabouts to Chris, via a walkie-talkie. Ronald and Bryan were also deployed into the water to assist Chris and perform a double yolk save. Devin pulled the entire group onto shore.

“We are truly grateful to these four lifeguards, who put their own lives at risk in order to save the life of someone else,” said Mark Taormina, Director of Sports & Aquatics for the Town of Islip. “This is exactly what our lifeguards are trained to do, and we are incredibly proud of them,” he said.


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